Why are Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) developing/supporting supplier diversity programs?

GPO’s are driven by their membership. Members of GPO’s are hospitals, health systems, surgery centers, nursing homes, physician practices that are community based. These member organizations want to support the communities where they provide services. Supporting and nurturing diverse companies in their community’s benefits the healthcare providers by helping the population becomes more self sufficient and less reliant upon free health care.

How can a W/MBE get started with a GPO?

There are as many answers to this question as there are GPO’s but the best place to start is with the on-line registration process at each GPO’s website. From that point it is probably best to make sure that if the W/MBE has a product that requires distribution that that process also be in place. Each GPO has a key contract for Supplier Diversity listed on their website, contact that individual for more detailed information and next steps.

If I complete all of the required forms and become a contract supplier of a GPO does that mean I will definitely get new business?

Not necessarily, the GPO’s will work with you to develop a marketing brochure/campaign, however, you will have to “sell” your company and products to the GPO membership. GPO’s will assist where possible and also make sure that their membership is notified about a new contract source but the actual sale will be the responsibility of your company. This is another reason it is very important to establish a good communication network with the Supplier Diversity manager at the GPO as well as with other W/MBE’s that work with GPO’s and also those that do not.